Music Theory

Broken octaves exercises

These exercises are very important and helpful. Play them many times and try to give accents on the upbeats.
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Piano Sonatina by Kulhau

This sweet little composition is from one of the Sonatinas by Kuhlau. Frederic Daniel Rudolph Kuhlau was born in Uelzen, Germany, on the 13th of March, 1780, and died the 18th of March, 1832. He was a vocal and instrumental composer of considerable celebrity. While he wrote many greater compositions, which displayed merit, he is best known on account of his Sonatas and Sonatinas, some of which are elegant, and will long remain favorites with teachers and pupils. he was a great Ludwig Van Beethoven’s fan.
piano sonatinas by Frederic Kulhau
piano sonatinas by kulhau