Music Theory

A Major piano Scale and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Turkish March

A major key signature

The signature of an A Major scale or key.

We have advanced from the key of C, by stepping five tones upward to G, the scale that has one sharp; next to D
with two sharps; and now we will proceed to A, with three sharps. The teacher will ask the pupil to write out the A
scale, and explain why three sharps must be used.

Notes of A major scale

Descending and ascending A maj scale.

A major scale has three sharps in its key signature, and F# is its relative minor scale. A min, instead, is its parallel minor scale.

Turkish March by Walfgang Amaedus Mozart – A major key Piano Sheet music

Ludwig Van Beethoven composed his Symphony Number Seven in this key, also Bruckner with his Symphony Number Six and Mendelssohn with his Symphony Number four are in A major key.
Wolfgang Mozart’s Turkish March is in A major too.
A major key or scale has a feel of innocent love, innocence and purity for some musicians.

Here is the Mozart’s Turkish March piano sheet music you can download free.

mozart turkish march
View Mozart’s Turkish Marc piano sheet music in A major key