Music Theory

Jazz and Blues Piano Videos

Hearing the sound of a piano is a wonderful experience. The delicate, intimate, and rich sound of its harmonies makes it one of the most evocative and fascinating musical instruments to listen.

However, seeing a pianist who plays in a video is still more beautiful. You can watch the emotions on his face and on his body; you can observe the movements of his fingers and public reaction to his performance. In this section I propose famous pianist’s videos playing classic, jazz or blues music. Also, I am working to publish some videos of mine, in which I play piano or keyboard live pieces to watch techniques, analysis and live concerts.

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Jazz piano videos

The greatest jazz pianists’ videos. A series of famous jazz pianists’ videos as Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Michael Petrucciani, Herbie Hancock and Oscar Peterson.

Here are some great Jazz Piano Tutorials.

Classical piano video

The great classic pianists of the XX century.
The top of the classic piano elite. Here you can watch the masters of classical piano music producing the most beautiful sounds from this magical instrument. The stylistic perfection incarnated in pianists like Glenn Gould and Horowitz.

Pop blues piano videos

Funk pop and blues videos. The Blues is one of my favorite musical styles and I love to play it on the piano. It is (but also guitar) one of the most important instruments of Blues music. There are also piano videos in Latin, funk and pop styles.

Learning classic and jazz videos

Here are piano videos to learn music analysis and jazz improvisation techniques. In these series of videos, I draw from how to accompain, improvise or compose. Moreover, I show how to play the chords in jazz and pop songs.

Piano theory videos

Theory videos about jazz harmony and rhythmic patterns for piano. How to acquire independence between your hands and accompany with the left hand in different music styles…