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Adolf von Henselt – Well Known Pianist

Adolf or Adolph von Henselt, the composer of this selection, was born at Schwabach, Germany, on the 12th,of May, 1814. He was as one of the most accomplished pianists, and a composer of rare merit. He has produced many excellent Etudes, Variations, etc., also greater works such as Chamber-music and Concertos. Since 1839, he has lived in Russia.
The quality of his piano style was a blend of Liszt’s sonority and Hummel’s softness. His piano playing was full of poetry, notable for the large utilize of extended chords. Moreover, Adolf von Henselt had a perfect piano technique. Certainly, his cantabile on piano was wonderful: Liszt was invidious for his piano cantabile.

Adolf von Henselt’s influence on the following generation of Russian pianists was enormous; in fact, Rachmaninoff had great admiration for him and thought about Adolf Von Henselt as one of his most significant masters.

adolf von henselt


An Etude by Adolf von Henselt

Observe the peculiar style of writing employed in this piece, it being written on three lines. The upper two are for the right, the lower is for the left hand.

An etude by Adolph von Henselt titled “The Distant Land”

Con moto.