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Anton Rubinstein and Giovanni Sgambati – Famous Pianists

Max Pinner, born in New York on the 14th of April, 1851, and is a pianist of rare attainments. Went to Leipzig in 1865, next to Berlin, where he studied under Tausig, returning to New York in 1868. Went again to Germany in 1872, where he studied with Liszt. Gave many concerts and recitals abroad, and appeared again in this country in 1878, where he has since played in many concerts. Teaches in New York.

Xavier Scharwenka was born in 1850, at Samter, Germany, and is highly distinguished as composer and pianist, la 1865 he went to Berlin, where he studied under Kullak and Wuerst, completing his course later under Liszt at Weimar. He usually resides at Berlin, but undertakes extensive concert-tours throughout Europe, and with great success. He has published quite a number of works, which are much admired.

Clara Schumann was born in 1819, at Leipzig. Received instruction from her father, the piano-forte teacher, Fr. Wisck. In her fifth year she appeared in concerts. At eleven years of age she made her first concert-tour, accompanied by her father, when she visited Cassel, Weimar and Frankfort on-the-Main, and afterwards Paris. On her later concert-tours, she was the first to introduce the works of Chopin into Germany.

clara schumann pianist


After her marriage with the composer, Robert Schumann, her playing developed into a high state of proficiency, and she is at present universally admired and esteemed as one of the great interpreters of musical art. This is especially the case with regard to her husband’s works, in the rendering of which she stands unrivalled. Madame Schumann has taken up her permanent abode at Frankfort on- the-Main.

Anton Rubinstein : piano genius

Anton Rubinstein

Anton Rubinstein, born 1829 in Moldavia near Odessa; received his first instruction on the piano from his mother. After various successful concert-tours in Sweden, England, Holland and Germany, he became conductor of the opera and director of the conservatory at St. Petersburg.

As a composer he has cultivated nearly all branches ‘of music with success, while as a pianist he commands an immense repertoire, ranging from the works of the oldest masters to those of the present day, all of which he interprets with equal mental and mechanical skill. After Liszt, he undoubtedly occupies the first place in the ranks of contemporary piano-forte players, eliciting from the instrument orchestral effects, while with him, as with Liszt, the highest technical mastery is but a means towards the ideal rendering ‘ of classical music.

He was in this country and was much admired by those who could appreciate his great skill and true artistic worth. His compositions are always original and marked by great beauty.

Franz Runimel is of German parentage, but was born in London, in 1853. In his boyhood days he was regarded as a prodigy for memory in music. When fourteen years of age he studied with Brassin in Brussels. He won the grand prize of the Conservatory. Appeared for the first time in 1871. Made concert-tours in Germany, France, England and in this country. Camille Saint-Saens was born in 1835 in Paris.

In his fourth year he showed great musical proclivities. In 1858 he became an organist, and as such, as well as on the piano, must be reckoned one of the first musicians of the day. His compositions exceed fifty in number, and without ignoring the aims of the new school, follow the form of the classics. Among them may be specially mentioned symphonies and symphonic poems such as “Lerouet d’ Ourphale,”

“Phaeton,” the “Danse Macabre” and the ” Marche heroique.” He has also written a prize cantata, two operas, a mass, various oratorios, chamber music for the piano-forte and violin, organ compositions, etc.

Giovanni Sgambati : Italian classical pianist

Giovanni Sgambati the only Italian pianist of note. He is also famous as composer and belongs to the modern school of writers. His works mark an epoch in the history of Italian piano-forte music. He was born in Rome in 1843. What causes Sgambati to attract additional attention is the fact that great pianists are rare in Italy, in fact it is said that since the days of Clementi, Italy has had no great pianists.

When young he was a good player of Bach, Handel, Beethoven, Chopin and Schumann. When Liszt came to Rome, Sgambati placed himself under his instruction. Since 1871, he is teacher in the conservatory of Rome.

William H. Sherwood was born in Lyon, N. Y., in the year 1854. His father was a minister, a great lover of music, and the founder of a musical academy. Sherwood was early engaged in giving concerts. Went to Europe in 1871, where he studied under Kullak and Weitzmann in Berlin, and later in 1876, and has since played so much in public recitals in so many places, that his name is well known everywhere. In the fall of 1876 he settled in Boston as a teacher of the piano, spending, however much of his time in concertizing.

Constantine Stenberg was born in St. Petersburg, in the year 1850. Began his studies at the Leipzig Conservatory in 1864. Later he took lessons of Kullak in Berlin. He has been concertizing since 1875, visiting all the principal cities in Europe and in this country. He settled in Schwerin, Germany, where he founded a music school. Sternberg has also published a number of works for the piano.