Music Theory

A Flat Major Key and piano Scale

A flat major signature

The Scale in A flat major on piano in three octaves.

Scale of A Flat.

Note to the teacher: Explain to the pupil the difference between the A flat and C major scale, also the difference
between the A flat and E flat scales. Practice all scales in the various combinations introduced in connection with the C major scale. The parallel minor scale of Ab major is Ab min scale while its relative minor scale is F min.

About A flat major key : scale

A flat major key has a quiet, calm feel, and F. Schubert, for example, used it rather often.

F. Chopin wrote 24 piano pieces in this key: it was the key he most used.
Elgar’s Symphony Number 1 in Ab major key is one of the most famous symphonies in that key. D. Scarlatti composed two keyboard sonatas (K 127 and K 130) in A flat major
F. Mendelssohn and J. Field wrote piano concertos in Ab major key.