Music Theory

The left hand on the piano – Chords Arpeggios and bass techniques

The accompaniment, chords, arpeggios, the bass line and the improvisation with the left hand of the pianist. In some popular music bands, keyboard instruments are used to play the bass line. In organ trios a Hammond organ player performs the bass lines using the organ’s bass pedal board. The bass’s role in the groove is the same: to keep time and to outline the key (tonality).

Piano chords with the left hand – arpeggios

piano left hand

Pop, classical, jazz and blues chords. Chords of three notes (triads) of seventh, ninth, sixth, fourth grade…Voicings and chord positions for jazz improvisation.

The accompaniment with the arpeggio and the bass line

How to accompany the right hand with the techniques imitating the contrabass or the electric bass and with the arpeggio. A walking bass is a bass accompaniment consisting of notes of equal value, usually quarter notes. Walking bass lines are used in blues gospel, country, rock, ska, rock-a-billy, Rhythm and Blues, Latin , and many other musical genres.
Bass styles for the piano left hand

Walking bass with the left hand is very fun to play. I use to improvise with a walking bass, funky or latin accompaniment. Piano is a complete instrument that can substitute an entire group or orchestra.

Piano improvisation with the left hand

The pianist can improvise also with the left hand or left and right hand together!