Music Theory

Simple chromatic scales on the piano

Chromatic Scale in Simple Major Thirds.
simple chromatic scales


Chromatic Scales in Simple Minor Thirds.

chromatic scale

Other simple chromatic scales in music

Chromatic Scale in Simple Major Sixths.
chromatic scale
Chromatic Scale in Simple Minor Sixths.
simple minor chromatic scale

Nocturno by John Field

The title of this piece means Night Music or Serenade. It was composed by the celebrated John Field, born in Dublin, Ireland. He visited Russia with his teacher Clementi, and finally settled in St. Petersburg, later in Moscow, where he died on the 1st of January, 1837. He was a superior pianist and a fine composer. His Nocturnes are still much admired, and every student ought to be acquainted with them.
Andantino cantabile.
chromatic scalessimple minornocturno by John Field