Music Theory

Piano Exercises : right hand only

Note to the teacher. When playing the following exercises, ask the pupil concerning the position that the notes occupy on the staff, their names as well as their values. Pupils are apt to play exercises like these from the fingering. In order to avoid this, frequent questions should be asked.

Whole note: count four to each

exercises for the right hand
Half note: Count one and two on the first note, three and four the second

playing piano with the right hand 

Half note and rest
playing with the right hand

Quarters note
quarter notes with right hand

Other exercises for the right hand only

Quarters notes and rests
play rests quarter notes with the right hand

Dotted notes
playin dotted quarter notes on piano

Three-fourth time. Count three quarters in each measure
right hand playing three-fourh time

A tie placed over two notes upon the same degree, signifies that the second note is not to be struck. The key, however, is to be held down during the combined length of both notes.
right hand exercises about tied notes