Music Theory

Great pianists : Franz Liszt

Louis Maas was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, June 21et, 1850. Received early musical instruction and was favored with a good literary education. Entered Leipzig Conservatory in 1867, where he made rapid progress. Next he went to Liszt at Weimar, after that spent six months with Raff. Became Professor at the Leipzig Conservatory in 1874. In 1880 he came to this country and soon afterwards settled in Boston, where he still lives. He is a fine pianist, and an excellent composer. His skill as pianist is acknowledged, and his style is admired by all that have heard him.

William Mason, born in Boston, 1829, was the youngest son of the much revered Lowell Mason. When nineteen years of age went to Europe, took lessons of Moscheles and Hauptmann. From Leipzig he went to Prague where he studied under Dreyschock. A year later he became a pupil of Liszt, and after about three years and a half of life at Weimar, he returned to this country an accomplished artist and excellent pianist. Concert playing was not to his taste and though he appeared with great success in public, he settled in New York as teacher, where he is still active, much esteemed and well beloved by all who know him.

Franz Liszt : king among pianists

Franz Liszt at piano

Franz Liszt, who may well be called the king among pianists, was born at Raiding, Hungary, in 1811. When quite young he showed remarkable skill on the piano. Studied with Czerny and Salieri at Vienna, and later in Paris. His playing produced tremendous excitement in Europe, and his concerts in Paris in which he rivaled Thalberg, will never be forgotten by those who lived to witness the sensation they produced.

He gave concerts in all cities and European countries, was ever ready to aid in every good cause, and gave large sums for the relief of sufferers. Settled finally in Weimar, where he trained the court orchestra to a high degree of proficiency, interested himself in behalf of Wagner and Berlioz, composed industriously, and raised the little city of Weimar to a leading position as a center of musical life. In 1851 he settled in Rome where he took holy orders, since which time he lives alternately in Weimar, Perth and Rome.

As a virtuoso he reached a position, which up to his time, was deemed unattainable, and by the side of his fabulous execution he displays great artistic enthusiasm, printing upon everything he plays the stamp of his own individuality. He has written much piano music, most of which was designed to display his marvelous technical skill.

He also wrote many orchestral and some choral works, which are much admired by some and just as bitterly denounced by others. He has also written news-paper articles, and several books, all of which attracted a great deal of attention.

Liszt has long since ceased to play in concerts, but is still active with the pen. He delights, however, to be surrounded by young pianists, who deem it an honor to play for him, and with whom he at times discusses musical questions.

Anna Mehlig | Sophie Menter and Max Pinner

Anna Mehlig was born in 1846, at Stuttgart, Germany. Is one of the best pianists of the present day. From 1869-71 she traveled in America, everywhere making a highly favorably impression. Sebastian Bach Mills was born in England in 1840. His father was organist of Gloucester Cathedral.

Appeared early as pianist, later visited Germany where he studied under Plaidy, Czerny, Meyer, etc. Came to this country in 1850, and was brought before the public through Carl Bergmann. Settled permanently in New York, where he enjoys much favor and support as teacher. Mr. Mills frequently appears in concert rooms and always with great success. He is also well known as composer, and his piano works enjoy much popularity.

Sophie Menter was born at Munich, Germany, on the 29th of July, 1848. She entered early the Conservatory of her native city and later became a pupil of Liszt. She has given concerts since her fifteenth year, showing special partiality for the works of Chopin and Liszt. She is highly esteemed as a pianist and often appears in public. Doubtless she is one of the most prominent concertist among the younger players of Germany.

Since 1872 she is married to the violoncellist, Pepper. Ernst Pauer, born at Vienna, in 1826. Studied music with Dirzka and the younger Mozart. Went to England in 1852, where he is well known and highly esteemed as pianist, teacher, lecturer, etc. He is also a composer and author of reputation.

Ernst Perabo was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, on the 14th of November, 1845. Came to this country in 1852, and was afterwards, through the aid of friends, sent back to Europe for his musical education. Returned as an accomplished player in 1865. Was engaged in giving concerts and soirees and did much to advance the cause of music in Boston, where he lived for many years. Has since returned to Europe.

Carlyle Peterselea was born in Boston on the 18th of July, 1844. His father was an excellent teacher. Went to Leipzig in 1862, where he remained for three years. Appeared in many cities of Germany as concert pianist. Met with a warm reception upon his return home, and after giving some concerts settled in Boston, where he is now active and highly respected as a pianist and teacher. Recently he went again to Europe, playing there with great success.

Max Pinner, born in New York on the 14th of April, 1851, and is a pianist of rare attainments. Went to Leipzig in 1865, next to Berlin, where he studied under Tausig, returning to New York in 1868. Went again to Germany in 1872, where he studied with Liszt. Gave many concerts and recitals abroad, and appeared again in this country in 1878, where he has since played in many concerts. Teaches in New York.