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Piano technique and exercises : the wrist action

In the legato style of playing, the hand remained stationary; in the wrist-action, it is moved. The hand should assume the position as given in the following illustration:
wrist action for piano technique
When striking the keyboard, the hand in all its parts should act as a whole. The fingers should remain firm and stationary, and the hand should move simply from the wrist. The forearm remains in a horizontal position and does not move with the hand. Especial care must betaken, that in moving the hand the single fingers remain firm and do not move. Neither should the knuckles protrude. When striking let the finger that is to touch the keyboard move a little forward, while the others recede somewhat. This touch is the second mode of staccato playing.

Piano exercises in wrist action

While studying this wrist-action, let the student not neglect practicing daily and most diligently exercises with the legato touch. After playing the five-finger exercises legato, the student may play the same also with the wrist-action.
wrist action exercises on piano

My first Waltz on piano

The waltz is a German dance. Is to be played somewhat slow and in a waving rhythm. Play the melody louder than the bass, emphasize the notes marked, and put the necessary rhythmical motion into dance. Only when playing the waltz so that the rhythm and melody become prominent, will it become what it is designed to be.
piano waltzgerman waltz on piano


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