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Piano drills : five finger exercises

The preceding five finger exercises were for three fingers only; the following are designed for four fingers. Be careful to give all fingers an equal touch. Hold your hand right. Keep it still, and strike with your fingers from the knuckle joint only.
piano techniques for the fingersfinger techniques on pianofinger exercises for pianists
We have thus far played in but one key, namely, that of C major, a key which has neither sharps nor flats as a signature.
We will now step live tones upward from C to the key of G, which has one sharp, namely on F. In the following familiar air, F-sharp is placed at the beginning of each line, and therefore it affect all the F’s in the entire piece.

All F’s, unless other wise indicated by s natural sign, will be sharped without any special sign applied to the note. Observe the change in the fingering from the 9th to the 10th measures. Play the piece slowly, emphasize the melody well, play the base smoothly and softly.

Home, sweet home:

piano piece about finger techniques
Gentle Heart (Rondeau):

exercises for pianist about finger techniques

Other five finger exercises

In this exercises you have to use all the fingers of your hands. Play them many times.
piano five finger techniques piano drills for young pianists