Music Theory

Famous pianists (XIX century) : Johannes Brahms

The following are brief biographical sketches of the leading living pianists. (XIX-XX Century)

Eugene Francis Charles d’ Albert was born in 1864, at Glasgow. His father was a popular composer and naturalized Englishman. First studied under his father; entered the National Training School of Music in 1876, where he was instructed by Pauer, Sullivan, Stainer and others. He gained several scholarships and passed his examination with high honors in 1881. He was highly esteemed as pianist, made many prolonged concert-tours on the continent and in his own native country, and meets everywhere with a hearty reception. Lives now in Germany.

Otto Bendix is a native of Copenhagen, Denmark. Received instruction from N. Gade, later from Kullak in Berlin. Gave numerous concerts in Berlin. Next he went to Weimar, where he studied under Liszt. Returned to Copenhagen, where he was at once employed as a teacher and conductor. Came to Boston in 1880, where he haa frequently appeared in recitals. He is regarded as a brilliant pianist of the modern school.

Johann Heinrich (Henry) Bonawitz was born at Durkheim, Germany, on the 4th of December, 1839. Came early to this country with his parents, who settled in Philadelphia. Appeared in the Musical Fund Hall Concerts of that city when a mere boy. “Went to Europe in 1861, and remained for some time in Paris and London, where he met with brilliant success as a pianist. Returned to this country in 1878, and was for some time employed as concert player. Is now living in England. Bonawitz is also well known as a composer of operas and piano music. His recitals and concerts attract much attention in England.

Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms, born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1833. Excited great attention when a boy, by his gifts as a pianist and composer. Made various successful concert tours, after which he settled in Vienna, (1869). He is, however, mainly known as a composer, and as such stands high in the history of art.

Johannes Brahms : great classical pianist

Hans von Bronsart, born in Konigsberg, 1828, studied with Liszt. As a pianist he combines brilliant execution with refined feeling. Conducted the “Euterpe” at Leipzig, from 1860-62, and is since 1869 manager of the Theatre at Hanover. Sides with the new school.

Hans Von Bulow and George Henschel

Hans Von Bulow was born 1830 ; went in 1848 to Leipzig to study law, afterwards determining, while at Berlin, to devote himself exclusively to music. Went to Wagner at Zurich, and in 1851 completed his studies under Liszt at Weimar. After various triumphant concert-tours he went to Berlin, where he was appointed Court Pianist. In 1864, he was called in the same capacity to Munich, wherein 1867, he became Court Conductor and director of a new school of music, filling a large sphere of labor with zeal and activity. In 1869, he made various concert-tours, and in ’77 he became Court Conductor at Hanover. He now occupies a similar position at Meiningen. Is one of the most finished and intellectual pianists of the present day. Bulow ranks with Liszt and Rubinstein as an interpreter of the great works of classica, displaying as such and as conductor admirable powers of memory. As a composer, he follows in the footsteps of Liszt and Wagner. His works comprise pieces for the pianoforte, songs and orchestral works.

Wilhelmine Szarvady Clauss was born at Prague, 1834. Appeared for the first time as pianist in 1849, obtaining brilliant success in Germany, England and France by her poetic style of playing, her power of imagination, her feminine grace and unusual energy. She is a thorough artist, is married to Dr. Szarvady, and resides now in Paris.

Edward Dan Reuther was born at Strasburg, Germany, in the year 1844. Came early to this country, where he studied under F. L. Hitter, now at Poughkeepsie, …studied at Leipzig from 1859-63, and took every scholarship. Resides now in London, England, and occupies a brilliant position as pianist, conductor, lecturer and teacher. Is a conscientious interpreter of the classical composers, and at the same time a warm advocate of the modern masters, especially of Richard Wagner.

George Henschel, born in Germany on the 18th of February, 1850. Is known and esteemed as pianist, singer, composer and conductor. When but twelve years of age he appeared in a concert in Berlin as pianist. He is a man of rare abilities and everything he does, shows forth the man of superior qualifications. Henschel went to England in 1879. la 1881, he came to this country, settling in Boston.

Adolph Henselt was born 1814, at Schnabel,, Germany. Studied the piano-forte and theory first at Munich, afterwards under Hummel at Weimar, and Sechter aft Vienna; traveled extensively in 1836 ; finally settled at St. Petersburg, where he was appointed Virtuoso to the Empress, to whom he gave instruction. Henselt occupies a leading position among modern pianists. His playing is marked by eminent technical qualities, nobility of style, and warmth of tone. His fine compositions have also met with a high degree of success. I this page you can read other notes about Adolph Henselt.