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Classic jazz blues and pop piano excercises and techniques

Welcome to this site dedicated to the piano and music!
Here I have intention of publishing everything about instrumental techniques of this wonderful instrument, free resources to learn piano techniques, harmony, composing, music analysis, jazz improvisation and many other music topics on piano.

Blues jazz piano

Classic piano method

A complete piano method by K. Merz containing exercises, tips, theories, techniques and many resources about major or minor scales, chords, five-finger techniques, musical signs and well known piano composers. Moreover, it contains examples and pieces by the most famous piano composers as Frederic Chopin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Classic | jazz piano music harmony | theory

In this section I explain the harmony and music theory basis. You can find the chord being used for piano, according to the different musical styles ( for example jazz piano chords) and right hand melody harmonization techniques. Knowing the harmonic laws is essential in order to play, to compose and to improvise at the piano. Learn to play pop and jazz piano songs.

Left hand and accompaniment on the piano

It explains how to accompany with left hand, through the jazz bass and contrabass imitation and through piano arpeggios. Moreover, there are the different styles or musical genres with their own piano techniques or rhythmic and harmonic schemes. You can also find from jazz walking bass, pop classical piano tips and Latin styles like Bossa Nova, Blues and boogie woogie.

Music analysis of masterpieces or famous piano solos

In this section I analyze piano classic masterpieces and jazz solos. You can learn many piano techniques and harmonic concepts analyzing solos and piano pieces.
There is a melodic and harmonic analysis of masterpiece such as Fur Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven or of famous jazz solos such as Bill Evans’ works.

Piano music improvisation

How to create music in real time: improvisation art is my favorite one, that is to express the instance, the moment to feel an emotive flow inside you becoming music. However you have to know music rules to improvise : this is music harmony.

Great classical and jazz pianists’ historical videos

Listen to Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Glenn Gould and other piano masters. You can learn very much watching their videos and listening them! The site has a section dedicated to classical piano videos and another one to jazz piano videos.
Music harmony and theory online