Music Theory

F Minor Key or Scale on the piano

f minor key signature

This scale in the relative minor scale to A flat major and like it has four flats. Explain its construction and how the need of four flats. F major is its parallel major scale while A flat Major is the relative major scale of F minor.

F minor scale fingering.

Well known masterpieces in F minor key

F minor is frequently connected with passion. Joseph Haydn, for example, wrote his Symphony Number 49, the so called “La Passione” (in Italian it means “The Passion”) in this key.
Also G. Gould, the famous classical pianist, said it is a complex but stable key.
Frédéric Chopin composed his Fantasia and Ballade Number 4 in F minor while Beethoven wrote his piano sonata op. 57 number 23, the so called Appassionata, in F minor key.
Michelle composed by The Beatles is a well known masterpiece in F minor too.

Allegro Moderate in F minor by Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert, the author of this charming piece, was another one of Germany’s, great masters. He was born in the city of Vienna on the 31st of January, 1797, and died in the same city on the 19th of November, 1828. He was famous for his precocity, his rare talents, his originality and unceasing activity. What would have he could produce, if he had could live
longer? He is especially famous on account of his beautiful songs, but he has also given us many fine piano pieces, much chamber music, many symphonies and operas. The following is one of Schubert’s shorter characteristic pieces.