Music Theory

F Major scale on the piano

f major scale signature on clef

The Scale in F major on piano:

F major scale at piano

When comparing the tone series from F to F, we find that it differs from the C scale in being a large step from 3 to 4.
In order to make the F teal* like that of C, we must make a half step from 3 to 4, and this necessitates the introduction of a flat B.
Observe the peculiar fingering. It closes with the fourth finger in the right hand and not with the fifth. Play this
scale in all the various forms in which the scale of C was introduced.

Piece in F major key : Fritz Spindler

This amusement is by Fritz Spindler, born at Wurtzbach, Germany, on the 24th of November 1817. He is active as a piano
teacher in Dresden, and is well and favorably known throughout Europe and this country, as a composer of instructive as
well as salon pieces.

Fritz Spindler : F major piece
Fritz Spindler : f major piano piece

Observe the chord in the sixth measure of the second part. The tones exceed the range of an octave, and for this reason are beyond the reach of the average hand. In order to enable the pupil to play this chord, it must be broken; that is, the tones are played one after another in quick succession. The broken or curved line (<) standing indicates this before the chord.