Music Theory

Seventh broken music chords on the piano

The seventh chord is built like the common chord, with the seventh added. Thus G, B and D is the common chord of G; by adding the seventh, F we obtain the chord of the seventh, generally called the dominant chord. It is so called because the common chord, which is found a fifth below, or a fourth above must always follow this chord, hence it is called the ruling of the dominant chord. Then the common chord follows the dominant chord, the seventh descends and the third ascends a half step. The pupil should write out dominant chords in their various positions.

Of these, there are four, as will be seen from the following:
seventh chord inversions

First the seventh, then the fifth, then the third and finally the octave of the tonic G is the highest note of the chord.

Other piano exercises about seventh broken music chords

Arpeggios of seventh broken chords in sixteenth notes.
Arpeggios of broken seventh chordsseventh chords exercises