Music Theory

How to write and play music triplets on the piano

In a previous lesson we have divided the whole note into two halves, the half into two quarters, the quarter into two eights, etc. we will now divide notes into three equal parts. This mode of division gives us triplets, which are indicated by the figure 3 placed above the group.

If a whole note is divided into three parts instead of into two, the three must not occupy more time than the two, although they are written in the same kind of notes as the two would be. The following table explains this lesson,

tripets on piano

How to play music triplets

In the following amusement triplets are introduced both in the treble and in the bass. When many triplets follow each other, it is not considered necessary to put the figure 3 over each group of three notes. Observe all expression marks. Play the melody loader than the bass.

Little spring flower.
music tripletsplaying tripets
Here is another piano piece about music triplets
Rustic dance.
tripletshow to play triplets

Play Five finger exercises in triplets on the piano

An important exercises for learning to play triplets on piano
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