Music Theory

F Sharp Major Scale – Piano

The pupil should write this scale and compare it carefully with the C major scale as well as with the scale of B major.

Allegro Moderato in F sharp Major scale


A Chinese Melody for Black Keys Only.
Play this pretty air well and emphasize the melody. Play the ending very smoothly and brilliantly. The melody is
printed in larger notes so that the student may all the easier discern it. We also introduce one example of this mode f
printing music, so as to make the student acquainted with its meaning. Play all the chords in this broken manner.

Allegro Moderato.

Austrian national hymn in F Sharp major scale or key

This is one of the pretties of all national Airs. Here it is written in the enharmonic scale of F sharp major, that is G flat major scale. It was composed by the great Joseph Haydn. Play very legato.