Music Theory

E Minor key Piano Scales

E minor key signature

This is the relative of G major, and like it, has one sharp
Play this scale in all the various forms in which the A minor scale has been written.

Harmonic and natural E minor scale.

Well known songs in E minor key

Here are some famous rock and pop songs in E minor key: Pink Floyd’s Breathe and Hey You (in The dark side of the moon album), Heart of Gold by Neil Young and Hurt by Cristina Aguilera.
Roadhouse Blues by The Doors and Armerica’s “A horse with no name”are other well known rock tracks written in E minor key. Wild Boys by the Duran Duran, the Pink Panther and James Bond themes are also in E minor.

An old piano choral in E minor key

A Choral is a church tune designed for congregational singing. This is a famous old tune, worthy of student’s admiration and study. Though this style of playing belongs more to the organ than to the piano, the young pianist should nevertheless practice it upon his instrument. Play slowly, tie the chords together, and emphasize the melody somewhat.

An old choral (1543) in E minor key