Music Theory

E Flat Major piano Scale and Key

e major scale signature

Scale in E flat major

The scale in E flat has three flats. The pupil should write out and explain why the third flat on A is needed.
Here is the E Flat Major Scale on piano, in two octaves. C minor is the relative minor scale of E flat major while E flat minor is its parallel minor scale.

Descending and ascending Eb major scale in one octave.

Ludwig Van Beethoven composed his Eroica Symphony and Emperor Concerto in E flat major key.
Many classical composer, but also not classical, has recognized this scale as an epic key, very grandiose, serious, heroic and grave: much more than the C major key.

Mozart’s Allegretto in E flat major piano scale

This beautiful selection is from on of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphonies. Play slow and emphasize the melody well.