Music Theory

Diminished seventh music chords on the piano

There is still another chord, which frequently occurs in music, namely the Diminished Chord of the Seventh. It can be built on every tone, and may be obtained in two ways. Either add a minor third to the dominant chord and omit the tonic or first tone, or raise the tonic of any dominant chord a half step. The following example illustrates this lesson:

  • Dominant and diminished chords

    diminished seventh chords on piano

This chord, like the dominant chord, can be taken in four positions, as will be seen from the follows:
diminished seventh chord inversions
The student should find chords of the diminished seventh on all tones in the scale.
playing diminished chords with the piano
diminished arpeggios with piano

Piano Exercises about diminished broken chords

Here are other exercises for learning to play diminished broken chords on piano. This chords are much used by well-known classical piano composers as Beethoven and Mozart. For example, the famous Beethoven’s masterpiece titled “Adagio al Chiaro di Luna” or “Moonlight Adagio” contains a series of these diminished broken chords.
play diminished broken chords on piano
piano broken diminished chords