Music Theory

B minor scale fingering on the piano

b minor signature on treble clef

This scale is the relative scale to the D major scale, and like it has two sharps. The teacher should thoroughly explain this scale. The pupil should practice this scale in all its possible modifications.
b minor key or scale fingering

About B minor scale

  • The key signature of B minor scale has two sharps.
  • Its parallel major is B major key and relative major of B minor is D major.
  • B Minor key is frequently used in country, folk, rock and other guitar styles.
  • In baroque era this scale was considered as the key of inert suffering.

A piano Romance in b minor scale

Endeavor to give expression to the sadness of the piece. Mark the signs of expression, and use the pedal as indicated.
Observe the sforzando, the ritardando, also the emphasizes upon certain notes both in the treble and the bass, especially those in the bass. Notice the Marcato near the close of the piece, which means that the melody should be well brought out. Break up the last chord and close very softly.

piano b minor piece
b minor key romance on piano