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Flexibility of the fingers

The following exercises are designed to develop the flexibility of the fingers. This is a most important practice for the pupil, and is necessary before attempting the lessons that follow. Place the hand in the proper position, press the key represented by the whole notes quietly down, then play the quarter notes, first slow, then faster. Keep the hand and arm perfectly still, allow no other finger to move except the one used, and move it from the knuckle joint.

Exercise for a pianist's finger flexibility

exercises for finger flexibility on piano
After this exercise has been practiced separately, the pupil may play with both hands together, combining the following numbers 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and 6; 7 and 8; 9 and 10. After the exercises have thus been practiced thoroughly, the following combination of numbers may next made; 1 and 8; 3 and 10; 7 and 2; 9 and 4. The teacher may still further vary the exercises by letting the pupil hold all the keys down except the one to be struck. It is not necessary that the pupil should read the notes; by showing him the places on the piano and explaining the object and order of the exercises, he will soon be able to play them. It is not necessary that they be played exactly on C, D, E, F and G; these keys have, however been chosen as best suited to the position of the hand.